Pass it on :)

This was shared with me by a friend and as I am sure it has been passed around many times, but there is always a chance you haven’t heard it yet so here it is…

Warning!! Very important please read! Vodka and ice will ruin your kidneys. Rum and ice will ruin your liver. Whiskey and ice will ruin your heart. Gin and ice will ruin your brain. Coke and ice will ruin your teeth. That ice is lethal! Warn all your friends: Lay off the ice!

Happy Friday! Cheers

Happy SM Anniversary

I am a few days late but just noticed this yesterday, I was going back through my account page on Streamate and seen I did my very first show there on July 16th 2009! I was still at PrivateCamZ mostly so it was a couple weeks after that day before I logged back in there but its still an anniversary right? I will have to mark it on my calender to remember to do something special next year, so even though it has come and gone I still had to share with all of you. Hope you all are staying cool seems this heat wave is hitting just about all over and if you are where it hasn’t I have to say lucky you! Take care peeps!


So all the years of camming I dont know why I care all that much about ratings, well I dont, even if I bitch sometimes. lol I for sure know that there is no one person out there that is perfect and everyone is into something different and blah blah blah. I just had a funny case of things that make you go hmmm the other day. Had a guy take me into premium private chat, I did everything he asked it was a lot of show clit, show nipples, show ass just wanting to see every part of me. The only thing the I didnt do was shove my shirt in my pussy, sorry guys I am not hollow. LOL He did ask about a carrot which I didnt have. So after 30 some minutes the show ends and I see he gave me a 3, now I know its right in the middle but to me a 3 really isnt all that great and if I wasnt all that good for him why did he spend all that time with me. I am sure I am making something out of nothing as I tend to do that.

So far so cool

After a couple weeks of blazing heat I have to say this week has been perfect! So I may not be able to get out and enjoy the pool as much but at least I can work and be comfortable. The heat tends to make me get a little cranky and who wants to be around a cranky bitch? I know Razor sure doesnt! lol The plan was and well well still is to get and AC unit for the room but havent rushed to it as of yet. I know I should be cause its going to get HOT this weekend, then again the weather is ever changing but they say we are going to break 100 Sunday so you can bet your ass you will know where I will be spending my time that day. :) Hope you all have been well and having fun whenever you can!

Hows things have been

Hey guys! Been awhile since I blogged been keeping up pretty well on my twitter so remember to follow me so you can have another place to keep up on me. Well first I have to say I had a great time getting out of town for the 3rd and 4th of July! It was a hot one but nothing a cold beer cant fix. Sunday night Razor and I went into one of the local strip joints and got some excitement watching the dancers. :) First time him and I had gotten out together alone in a long time. Then when we got back home we finally got the pool set up on the 5th, something we should have had done but we rarely plan ahead sometimes. It really worked out cause we got the guy to fill it the day after we got it up and the water wasnt as cold as in the past so we were able to get in and enjoy it right away. Other then that its just been camming for me sometimes getting a little cranky cause we have no AC at them moment and the heat can really annoy me. Talk about a double whammy when I got smucks that wander in too. LOL I hope you all are enjoying some fun things this summer so far. Catch ya soon!