Good Weekend!

Hey all Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fantastic fun filled weekend. This past Saturday was Razor and I’s 15 year wedding anniversary. We took the day to enjoy ourselves with a trip to Duluth. We didnt do a lot of shopping just roamed around and that is good enough for me its nice to just get away even if its for part of the day, besides I added a few things to my cart on amazon so hopefully I will be getting that stuff purchased this week. I have 1 outfit a pair of cuban stockings and a couple of toys. This means that the next time I treat myself its time for a new pair of heels! I did find a few things at the mall but like usual the things that really got my attention they didnt have in my size. I am not a lucky shopper most of the time but on the rare occasion I do hit the jackpot. I hope you all enjoy your week!

Coming Soon for Members!

I have exciting news to share with all of you! Finally we got it worked out to where I will be able to bring back member cam shows! We tried a seperate system last time which didnt work out as well as we had to have a seperate chat area, now I will be doing it right from an encorder that is set up through Cammodels. So we will keep you all posted in advance to let you know what times I will be streaming to you and we can have ourselves a good time. 🙂

Fun Shows

I so love to do shows that have been planned out and really make them super fun. Of course one of the bests parts about it all is the dressing up part. This was for me to be a jealous fuck buddy but looking a bit goth like. I have to say I think the rings in the nose just made it super cool! I am not suppose to be at his house for another 30 minutes but since I have been spying on him I know I am not the one and only and that is going to change! I wait for him as he is coming out of the shower and get down to business on how I am the best for him and I am about to prove it! :) Hope you all enjoy the picture I had to share it with all of you.

Silly Men

Oh you boys can be soooo silly, I know its a daily thing that I get told or asked the craziest of things so I guess this is nothing new but a fun one to share. Some guy comes into my Streamate chat and asks about me squirting and how long it would take me to do so. I told him I was not a squirter. He then goes on to say…”THEN WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE A HITACHI AND A TOWEL ON YOUR BED, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.” Sorry, he yelled like that so I thought I would give the same effect. First of all, I didnt know the hitachi was only used by squirters, lol dumbass! And the towel is much more effective on keeping things dry, not just for squirting, women perspire too. Ewwww I know how gross! ;) Cheers to the dumb asses of the world! :)

How things have been

Hey guys and gals! Hope you all have been doing well. Things got a little crazy here and I havent had a chance to post on here. Last week I started my first week with some new external software to make my cam be considered “HD” on Streamate. Thanks Zoey! :) So now I come in a lot clearer and dont have the crazy voice to where everyone asks if I use a voice changer. lol So last week was a busy week for me! This week was crazy with work and other things going on. Got a surprise call from my brother Tuesday afternoon saying he was in Duluth so I was so pumped to get to go visit with him! Then Wednesday we had to drive to St. Cloud for a meeting, made for kinda a long day cause we took our time driving back home making a few stops. The best stop for me was…SONIC! Yes that is right I ate at one many years ago when we were in Texas and was like damn sure wish we had one of these up north, come to find out we got some year like 2 years ago (not 100%sure) and I didnt even know it! So we stopped in there and damnnnnnn was it yummy! Then we stopped in at Menards to look around and dream. :) Always like to look at what I want to have our house like someday when we have the time and money to get going in it, seems like it will take forever. One issue with the hold up is our truck hasnt worked for a long time, get one thing fixed and then something else would be wrong so we are getting the last parts to get rolling on that so we can hook up the trailer and start to build up all the materials we need. Wow I just rabbled on and on. See what happens when I dont blog for a long time you get this long winded boring stuff. Ahh hell you all love me no matter what. :) he he