Crazy Shopping

All I can say is wowzer Razor has been on a crazy shopping spree for me! We have decided to finally go through and put a certain % towards business which of course means goodies for me to wear for all of you! Its kinda been like Christmas almost every other day here, pretty soon I am going to have to add more stuff to my wishlist. Although I did tell him he could have mixed it up a bit cause I got a lot of stockings, hose and a garter belt well that was this week I guess. Last week I got 2 costumes one which is far to big and was told to stop putting all my clothes as large! He also ordered a pvc teddy that is pretty damn hot if I do say so its a bugger to get on and off so it will be used mostly for photos and videos. Oh also this week I got my ball gag and nipple clamps now I just need to have some come use and abuse me. :) Shit I almost forgot I got the DP attachment for my hitachi I have yet to use it yet but well all this at once is a bit overwhelming! Now I just need to find the time to get set up to get in photo and video taking mode as I am on week 2 of switching my cam schedule and it always kick me in the ass! Look forward to having fun with all my new stuff and sharing it all with you.

Fun Filled Day

We have been trying hard to enjoy our Saturdays off the last month or so and we had a busy one! We actually got up and hit the road early enough to take our adventures south to the Renaissance Festival. We made a stop at the Village Inn for a yummy hearty breakfast. I brought along my costume so that I could dress up which always makes it more fun, the only thing I forgot was socks so that I could wear my boots! I will have to search for some flat comfy boots for next time cause seeing all the different costumes is just some awesome I loved being part of that. So I was stuck wearing my platform sandals that were so not comfortable walking around in! There is so many fun shops to see and I could really go nuts on spending there next year I am saving my pennies so I can do just that. Last year was our first year there and there was a place to get your picture taken with a snake around you I skipped it last year and of course wouldn’t you know they didn’t have it available thing year. :( Maybe next year. After we watched the hot knights in armor joust we decided to move along to the MOA for our dinner at Panda Express. I was a little cranky cause my feet hurt so damn bad I just wanted to go barefoot. Live and Learn. :) Enjoy the pic I know I look a little dorky!

Funny moment

I have to say this was a pretty damn funny moment this week. We ordered stuff off amazon and most of it already came the only thing left was straps for the truck so we can finally get the damn thing fixed. Anyway with the AC and music going I cant hear if anyone is at the door even though the room is on east side of the house where the door is right below, if that makes any sense. So anyway I had just finished doing a cam show stood up dildo in hand and tits out walked over to the window and wouldnt you know the Fed Ex guy was getting back in his van he was looking straight up to the window, now whether or not he actually seen me there topless dildo in hand I dont know but it sure is funny to think he did get a peak. :)