Miss Me?

Ufta as we say here in Minnesota! It surely has been a long damn time since I have got on here, could it be I haven’t had any excitement going on or what? Honestly time gets away from me so damn fast and before I know the weeks are flying by yes skip the days and go straight for the weeks! I have finally got out some of my costumes and deciding what to wear each day, although a bit disappointed that the one I got is so big. :( I have a long to do list with photo sets and videos and still working it on cam. The house could use a good scrub too but I refuse to get to crazy until these damn flies finally die off as soon as I vacuum or scrub they are all over again. I was actually sick this past week first time in almost a year I had felt that crummy, rested up so and I was back to my spunky self the next day. Well off I go to see what I can get accomplished. Take Care all!

Decoration Done

Well its that fun time of year where I love to decorate for fall-halloween! I got a really cool set up so I will be getting some pictures of that taking soon to show all of you. We havent done a whole lot of stuff outside, trying to keep the stuff in one area so that we can use it for special props. The weather here has been awesome so far but I know it never lasts this time of year you never know when the cold snap is going to hit and stay that way for what seems like forever. I hope you all have been well and looking forward to doing fun shoots for Halloween this year!