Black Friday

Hey everyone first of all I want to say I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had intentions on getting some other things accomplished that day but decided to eat and be lazy and eat some more. lol On to black Friday or Thursday night as it goes now. I had never went to this shopping madness event and never even though I cant look at the ads enough and pretty much want everything. lol There was one main thing we wanted to get along with the things in my mind of course. Razor stood in the line for the PS3 and I went roaming around a bit where there was the least amount of people. He was pretty much in and out within 5 minutes, called me to see if I wanted to get anything else, I did and well I had a few things in my hand and walked to the front of the store where there was some picture frames I wanted and seen the check up line I said no way in hell am I waiting in line what looked to be an hour for the few things I wanted. So I will say I doubt that I will ever do it again but it was entertaining for sure. Kudos to those who can get in and get out quickly.

Left your mark

Well over the weekend this naughty girl got punished for doing something the week before without asking. Yes what can I say I was a horny girl and grabbed a toy to fill my ass when I wasn’t told to or ask first. Well lets see first we made my thighs burn then on my knees to spank my ass and then back to the front to punish my tits a bit before covering them in hot wax. Master “D” always makes sure that I continue to think of him all week long with his markings. ;) I had a nice marking on my inner left thigh that put a smile on my face the rest of the weekend.  So obedient I am. :)

Hey All

I hope you all having been doing well. Holidays are upon us and I have been in a damn good mood lately! Usually I tend to get a bit stressed but then again its still early. LOL I although am still having my off weeks its like one week on one week off. At first I knew it was the change in the weather but now I can no longer really use that excuse. Oh I did get my new phone its pretty awesome to be able to put all out music on it. I am not much a tech person so the kinda scared me. I mean a phone without buttons I didnt even know where to find them to call and worst part was answering I did a test call with Razor and went on to work, I got a cam with phone and went to hit the green phone and nada he called through again and still didnt get it I felt like an IDIOT! I got a 3 rateing and I toally deserved that of course I got so damn mad that I couldnt figure it out guess you had to hold and slide geeezzuss! I still have lots to learn but at least I know how to call, answer and play music. :)