Happy Holidays!

Wow what a crazy couple of weeks! I was actually somewhat ahead for getting on the holiday season but once December 1st hit I kinda went into panic mode. Plus I got that blah feeling going on so it was double trouble for me. lol So here it is a few days away and I am feeling great about the holidays. I do miss not being with my extended family and friends but I always make the best of it. Plus I get the I dont want to work attitude. :) I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday! I got my long list of resolutions many the same as last year and well I guess that isnt a good sign. lol Take care!

Snow…are you coming?

Well you all might be a bit surprised that I am actually wanting to get tons of snow this season. I still hate the cold but we decided to get me a snowmobile this year so that we could go out riding some and get Razor back into what he misses so much. I know last year it seems to go around out area in a C form and we were always in the opening of that, now it is the 5th and we have got but a dusting that never seems to want to stick! I know it will come soon and well I guess I shouldnt ask for it right now cause I dont even have snow boots, thats right I live in Minnesota and havent had snow boots for the past 2 winters. lol I will keep you posted. Have a great week!