And lots of them! I have known this guy for a few years now since back when I was on Private CamZ. Not to long ago he found me on Streamate and he always used to tease me about getting me some Mardi Gras beads. Well he did it and they arrived today. He did mentioned that he was sending some big ones cause I used to tease him back about wanting some big balls to ball with. lol I thought the rest would be just the tiny ones, oh no they were all good sized long and heavy! I put them all on and made my neck sore. I will have to get a snap for you all to see. So it will be a happy Mardi Gras even here in Minnesota. :)


FALLOUT 3! We have had the game for awhile and I loved just watching Razor play. He used to always tell me that I just needed to get on it and play myself. (bet he regrets that now lol) We kinda spoiled ourselves this year when we found a great deal on a TV for our room which we have wanted to purchase for some time now anyway. Also black Friday had the great deal on PS3s so we got another one. Well we needed to have something to play movies in so why not go a step further and get another game system that can do both. :) I don’t think I have taken a day off from playing since I started a couple weeks ago. Sometimes its just an hour or so and well sometimes that “I am just going to play a little” turns into 3 hours! There is so much to explore, I may be far from an expert but this game has me hooked!- Alhana

Got the Spring Cleaning Bug

So it could be because its been so damn nice or I am just in the cleaning mode but I feel like that is all I want to do clean and organize. Of course then I get a tad frustrated cause well it would be so much easier if we had all our work done on the house and what not. Speaking of spring cleaning. I have been asked in the past and also have already done this several times but if anyone is interested in any outfits, stockings panties or bras that I have send me an email. of course there are a few outfits I have worn on the site that I no longer have or were a borrowed outfit, just a thought I would throw out there for everyone. Well it feels like a Monday today for some reason so I am off to get my feel good mood going on. Have a great day.- Alhana

New Toy

Yipee my new toy arrived on Friday and after playing with it this weekend I have to say I am loving it! Its a nice soft touch texture pretty damn close the real thing. Its not super thick so its slide down my throat for a good deep throat. :) When it gets slippery wet with my juices its a hell of a good time and a good orgasm. Thought I would let you all know. :) I look forward to sharing it with all you.

Day 6

Well we are 6 days into the new year I hope it has been a good one so far. For me it is kinda hard to say as it hasn’t went progressed as I always think. Sunday was a late day getting going for me and Wednesday I was feeling under the weather so I didn’t get anything accomplished that day. Tuesday was great I even worked out a bit. See, one damn day is all I have done for one of my many resolutions. The weather has been crazy! Right now it is 42 degrees when I would say its usually like -10. I guess if it stays like this it will be a mild winter but ya know we could still get some snow!! I am determined to get my butt on my snowmobile and actually leave our property. lol Well its off to work I go. Have a great weekend.

Happy New Year!

Hey guys and gals! Happy 2012 to you all! As always we have to say we got to make this one better then the last. :) I of course started mine on a pretty lazy mode but well it is Sunday after all, he he. Razor and I just got back in from taking the snowmobiles for a little cruise around the yard after the little snow we got here yesterday. I am anxious to get out on some trails and see how I do. I had a wonderful Christmas I didn’t get any “naughty” goodies I figured I would take care of a few of those needed things this month. We did however get a TV for our room! Now I can watch porn again while working and really keep those sweet juices flowing. My resolutions for the year are well pretty much the same as last year lol go figure that tells ya I don’t follow through so well on what I need to be doing. I am off to have something warm to drink.- Alhana