Back on track

Well the week is coming to an end and I am so glad to be back to myself again. I finally got a new smoking update up and getting caught up on the video requests I have been needing to do. Had a great week on cam so it has most definitely been a positive week. Never got a chance to get on the snowmobile only cause really the snow we got was when the temp was higher so it was melting as fast as it was coming. They say next week but well saying we are going to get a snow storm is like saying we are going to have a heat wave the way our winter has been. lol So I hope you all had a great week and enjoy whats left of the weekend. 🙂

Sick :(

Well wouldn’t you know after such a long ass time of getting lucky with no sickness it finally hit me. I had 1 day last year I felt a little achy and I took the time to rest a day and was good to go, this time I am not so lucky. The worst part is that last week I had all this get up and go for how I had this week planned out. I have a shitload of video requests plus I need to get caught up on my smoking updates for the site. So Monday morning was the day to get rocking. On top of that I wanted to really work hard on cam every day so that we could take this Sunday off to maybe get out of town for the day. We haven’t been anywhere since before Christmas and well the grocery store and Walmart do NOT count! Well I got a somewhat good start on this week by working a little later last Saturday night to get a jump on the week ahead of me and had a good day Sunday. All of a sudden I just started to feel blah Sunday night thought no big deal I will take the night and get to sleep early. Nope the head cold hit and hit pretty damn hard even Razor got it. I was out for a couple of days resting up and taking meds and boy did I rest. I would have thought with all the sleeping I did I could be up for the rest of the week straight. lol Got back to work and here we are Friday and I feel bad again. What a week! Guess I got to take it as is and deal with it as there is nothing I can do but get my ass better and cross my fingers it ends soon so I can get back on track. – Alhana

Monday Again!

LOL yes I know we have to have them every week! The good part is is that not all of them are a drag. Mine so vary for awhile they stink and then I go on this streak to where Mondays just feel so good to me. Today was a good day I guess when I get that I want to clean the house like a mad woman I know I have lots of fire in me, not that I ever get that work done. lol I did however get 2 loads of laundry going so I know I will sleep good tonight with fresh clean sheets! Just wish I had my clothesline up since its been so nice out would have been better to hang stuff up out in the fresh crisp air. But all in all I just think its nice to get the week going on a positive note. I hope you all have a fantastic week!- Alhana