I know positive thinking is what we all should do, always! I just cant help but think of my downfalls as the end of March is right around the corner. Just keep thinking of all those resolutions I make every year that I can never seem to make happen for to long. lol My exercise routine has MUCH to be desired. I have been somewhat ok on responding to emails, and well lets see what else oh yes keeping up on my photo sets and vids well that’s not so positive either. Now here I am trying to think what else I set out in my mind to be better at. There is usually a long list with me, maybe thats it I want to take on to much. Yes that sounds like a good excuse. 🙂 I had this feeling after yesterday for sure when I wasn’t feeling 100% to get on cam. I could have done so many other things but nah I was a lazy Lucy. lol Why did the weather have to go from sooo nice to chilly and gloomy again. That certainly never helps anyone’s mood.So now that I have mentioned all my faults lets go with the good ol saying…WINNING! Have a great week everyone! You all rock!

New Haircut

Well its Monday and I am still loving my new hair! I am not even going to say how long it has been since I even got my hair trimmed and this time around I went all out. I have never had my hair this short in the back in all my life but it feels great. My hair was to the point it seemed to look like it was getting shorter well with all my hair breaking off it would do that. Now I feel texture with it all being good healthy hair. Of course that is one thing on me that is ever changing is my hair only most of the time it is a different color. 🙂 I was so behind yet again last week that I didn’t get the chance to shoot any photo sets for the site. I need to just take a few hours and shoot shoot shoot! Get myself caught up on a few so I feel a bit better or at least until they run out and I am in a panic again! I have started a list on outfits so that I am not standing around for an hour deciding what to wear. lol The only other problem I have is where to shoot them at as I kinda get tired of the same places. This is when I cant wait for us to get the studio up but that will not be until after the house stuff gets worked on. I so need to win the lottery so that I can just give someone money to do it all. I know dream on right? On that note I hope you all like my new hair. 🙂 Have a great week!




Been a bit bored

Well I know that is hard to believe in my line of work. LOL I have been meaning to blog for a week now and really have had nothing to blog about or so I feel I havent. I guess blogging about boredom isnt much fun at all. I think the weather and time change just messes me all up. I either want to do nothing which of course is definately boring or I want to clean like a mad woman which I havent done much of that either. I did however manage to get into our spare closet and do a little organizing and cleaning but honestly didnt get to far on that. I would say there is plenty of time for that but well I never did a really good hard spring cleaning last year so really going to hit it hard this time. 🙂 Oh words I say far to often on so many things. Ok boring you is over for now. I hope you all have a great week.

Got to ride

Well we patiently waited for the snow storm to come. Kept looking out the window waiting to see a flake or 2. Finally Tuesday night it started to snow. They predicted this huge snow storm with blizzard and 10-15 inches of snow. Man the weather is never right! It was blowing good but out of all that snow were suppose to get our area only got 7 inches. Good enough for me I said lets get me on the trails for the first time! I had to leave the yard at least once this winter! Went into town fueled them up and went on the trails. We pulled over after only going about 10 miles and guess who would pull over as well…yep the DNR. We had yet to put the registration numbers on our snowmobiles and to be honest were kinda holding off since its going through congress to have them able to be placed somewhere else besides the hood, I mean would you want stickers on the hood of your car? Back in ND there were placed down by the foot rails good enough in my book! He was really cool about it and also with the fact that this was really our first decent snow of the whole damn winter he just let it slide since we had all the other legal stuff with us. So on our way we went getting in a couple of hours and headed back for home. Now of course the whole while I was bummed I was so stupid to forget my phone so I could take pictures for all of you. I did have a blast for sure. Cant imagine what the trails are like when they are actually groomed then I could have went super fast. 🙂 So there we are crossing the field and heading into the ditch to home we were like almost right there when I went a little to far over and the damn weeds that were sticking out pulled me in! I know as Razor has said when in doubt give er hell! I didnt and poof I was buried. Now this would have been the best time for a picture but sorry I am not going to do it again just for a picture, only if by accident which is very possible with me. 🙂 It didnt take us to long and I was out but laughing the whole time made it harder. At least I had a funny moment to think back on and as I said I am sure it will not be the last.