No Internet

I am going to fill you in on my day yesterday. Believe it or not I was going to open a file and start writing as the day went on cause I was going a little crazy without the internet. Now I should have been happy to have a day off right? lol Considering there are some of those days where I lay back down cause I would rather sleep. I didnt even do that. The worst part was Razor is still working opposite of me so he needed to get to bed. I started doing house work stuff and when I took a break from that I got the camera and would shoot clips throughout the day until my mind went blank on what solo stuff I could do. I also thought hey I hadnt played Fallout in awhile I should fire that up cause there wasnt much on TV to watch. But I was a good worker and constantly checked the internet. We had been in the process of straighten our room some to get areas cleaned away wearing the walls are going to be coming down. Looks bigger now that we decluttered things a bit. Now I am more anxious to get the room finished but I know that is a ways down the road yet.

Another Line

Well good news is on the way, at least we hope its going to be as smooth as we hope. This is going to make work a lot better plus comes with a bonus for members of my site! We got an info paper in the mail a few months ago about adding another internet line and we had been meaning to call and get more info as we live a couple miles out in the country and sometimes they cant always give us some of the perks they offer plus we are limited to just using the one company. So Tuesday or Wednesday they are coming out to put in a another internet line. Since all of our work relies on upload there are many thing we cant do at the same time. Now the part about site members is this will give you all the chance to view what will be a voyeur cam. It will be able to be on at the same time that I am working on my cam sites so you can see all the action that goes on while I am doing shows or just doing general stuff. I will keep you all posted.

Happy Easter

Hello all you hunny bunnies. 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I managed to stuff myself as usual when I make a big dinner. Last week was a bit off for me and my scheduling so hopefully it wont affect this week and I will be able to rise and shine everyday for all of you. We did manage to get out of town for a day which was much needed for sure! We went down to the Mall of America. Where of course do you think I ended up? Did you say shoe store? You got it! I know I really do not NEED shoes but I had been keeping my eye out for a white knee high pair of boots for a couple of years now ever since I missed out on buying a pair I really wanted a couple years back. This were on sale and now how can I pass up sale! I did however second guess as I pondered if I should do it or not but that is just the way I am, of course I was surrounded by some very HOT looking heels and there is of course a pair I cant seem to get out of my mind. They wernt overly expensive but I didnt want to go over board now I kinda wish I did. I would say I will get them next time but in my experiences just like with those boots long ago there usually never is a next time. I do hope to make this week a productive one and get caught up on some photo sets that I have been neglecting and I do apologize for that. Have a great week!