Spring-Summer work

Fun outdoor times are here. Well for me I would say it is at least until I get annoyed with it all. We have been having lots of rain and storms which of course makes the grass grow like mad! It seems like I just cut it and got to do it again. Also this year we finally are doing something we have wanted to do for a long time and that is plant a garden. We have lots of places to dig one but went a different route. We took down our back deck last year and used the boards from that to make a garden box, then Friday we had a big dump truck load of dirt brought in to fill up the box. There is A LOT of dirt left but we will certainly put it all to use. There is always so much to do and like with everything else there isnt enough time in the day because we all know my time management gets a D-. 🙂 I hope you all have a great memorial day! Remember to toast to me on Tuesday for my birthday!

Another weekend…poof

I shouldn’t be surprised that the weekends fly by cause I still cant seem to figure out where the year has already went! Soon Memorial day and then my birthday then bam the 4th of July and on and on and the year will be totally gone! I did have a good Mothers Day. I spent most of the day outside doing things in the yard, best thing about this time of year except when the grass goes on a growth spurt and cant keep up with it. I dug up a small flower box area now its hoping that the damn things will grown. My green thumb is a bit wilty and never seem to have much luck. To think we are going to get some garden boxes made up that should really be interesting. Other then that here we are on another week. I got so much to do and so little time that will never seem to change as I have yet to ever figure out how to manage my time which is why I never seem to have any. Have a wonderful week!

2 lines

Well as you may remember I was going on and on about how we were going to get a second internet and how each week they were suppose to be here they didn’t come. It was crazy having to sit around and wait. So finally they came and got it done and we were all excited. We were going to put just me on the new line and Razor would keep working from the other one. We tinkered around for a bit and realized it was pretty shitty, ran a speed test and it wasn’t close to the same speed as the other one. Now what? I was kinda pissy cause even though it isn’t all that much more to pay a month we also had to go back to having the extra LD on our phone plan and all that which we dont need but have to have. Razor switched things back to where I have the DSL that I was working with all this time and he hooked himself into the slower line as even if it isn’t as fast he can still get more work done having it without having to wait for me to log off streaming. So now we have to see if there is any way that it can be made faster or the spy cam isn’t going to be very good at all. 🙁 I was really looking forward to adding this feature for my members.

Amazon sneak

So I have had this “special” way to get an extra thing or 2 on amazon. From time to time I would add something to the cart knowing that when Razor went to get something for home or business he would just get whatever else was on there. Well at least it worked in the past he he kinda caught on and started to ask about things or at least since the last encounter that happened. I started getting into beading again making little bracelets and necklaces so one day I was on amazon and put a few things I just wanted to keep my eye on into the save for later section. Jeez he bought it all! I know I shouldnt really complain but there were certain things that definitely wernt needed. Now I have come up with a separate wishlist to add things too that I am still pondering on or things I just want to keep an eye on. Now I think wow I should have had something really outrageous on the save for later wonder if he would have caught that. LOL There have been a few times I have added the wrong thing and something comes and I am like why did you get this? Well hunny it was in the cart. 🙂 Think I am going to pass on amazon next time its time to get something as I have my eye on a few costumes and a pair of pumps at another place. Since my birthday is coming I can say its my present to myself and of course share with all of you!