Oh Summer

Well I told myself I wasn’t going to fall into an ugly schedule with summer time but just like so many other things I promise to do it hasn’t happened. Believe me the alarm is set but after getting up to hit the snooze many times I tend to just shut the damn thing off! This is affecting my pool time! I have got in a couple of times so far but want so much more but staying up to late watching the tube to sleeping in doesn’t make it fit in to my day so well. I meant to get some pictures to post here but haven’t done that yet either. I need to weed my garden area as they are taking over! The problem is I worry around some places cause not everything has came up and not sure if its going to be a carrot I pull or a weed! LOL The cucumber plants are coming along and the zucchini and pea plants are wowzer big already guess those 2 really grow quickly. Ok all enjoy the weekend!

Slow work week

I get so scattered that sometimes when I think of writing something side tracks me. So this way I will just get you how the whole week was. Of course I cant say that to much happened that is worth talking about but then again I can ramble on and on about nothing pretty well. 🙂 My schedule has now changed somewhat so I have been getting on a little later then usual although I really want to fix that so that I still am up and at it early. That way I can get a good bit of work done and go out and enjoy soaking up some sun so I can get a tan going on before the 4th of July. I really thought I was slacking this week with work until the end total came in and I wasn’t to short on my hours but really short on total sales. I mean like way off the norm. It was a super slow going week for shows. With Streamate thinking they need to keep changing things makes me go crazy since they cant seem to get there phone feature to ever work properly after like 2 calls it goes to shit and then I loose out on those others that like that option for a show. I have probably wrote support 10 times in the last month. I have been on the site over 3 years and never had problems with it up until 2 months ago so not sure if they switched providers and they just suck or there old provider just sucks either way it SUCKS. lol I did just recently upgrade all my stuff so I have a new HD webcam and also got a new laptop. Believe it or not I got right into it too! Usually getting something new really messes me up cause I am not a big fan of change.

Happy Friday

Here we are Friday again! I will keep saying over and over how fast the time goes and I really need it to slow down! Every week I am like a broken record say that the next week I am going to be better at getting all the things done that I need to and never seems to work out. This is day 2 of this week that I actually did not lay back done and I actually feel awesome. I always do when I get my day started early but some days my body tells me to be lazy. Tsk Tsk! I havent been sleeping well again and well that just messes my mojo so bad. I have to say yesterday was really bad, of course here is my excuse the coffee pot died Wednesday night and I can not live without coffee. It was the caffeine withdrawl that made me sleep away the day. We did make a walmart trip yesterday to get a new one, maybe I should have bought a spare and put it away for the next dreaded day. Today is going to be a warm sunny day and that has put me in a good mood, going to have to get out and mow the jungle today before we get hit with rain again. May was a crazy month for rain. My poor pile of dirt was turning into a mud pit now hopefully it has dried out a bit I can finish putting dirt in my other 2 garden boxes and finish my planting I am very excited about this garden experience. I hope you all have a fun filled weekend!