Last week was one of those weeks where I had felt I had had enough! I so just needed to get away and didn’t care where it was, well anywhere but the usual walmart. lol Razor has been wanting to get a new phone for awhile and had went back in forth with which one he wanted and decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy S3. We always have the option to head north to Duluth or south to the cities we went to Duluth. So we went to the mall which had been some time and did some window shopping. Of course browsed through Sears and started dreaming of having all new appliances. I have to say those new washer and dryers look pretty complicated with the computer like screens and all them damn buttons. lol I figured as long as we were on the dreaming path I convinced him to stop at a furniture store. We have been in NEED yes I said need of a new couch for sometime and I just love to look at furniture no matter what. Well there was the couch of all couches there and he agreed that after seeing that there was no other couch that could compare. It was a sectional with a chaise lounge which I wanted but oh did it have the bells and whistles too! The chaise actually can go all the back and has on the other side 2 parts that recline with a compartment between them, cup holders and they not only massage they have 2 different heat settings and reading lights. I couldnt believe it. Not a bad price since at the moment it is on sale. So not sure if we will just say hell with it and get it or wait for the next sale, either way I think this is going to be the only couch we will get. It was a fun day. As Razor said well you said you wanted a couch now you know that I agree if its this one. lol

Bag Sale

I love to shop and I love to have many options for clothes for videos, photo shoots and cam. A couple times a year the thrift store has a bag sale where you pay $10 for all the clothes you can fit in a bag. I am all for second hand shopping as well its one of those things you can wear it once and you got your moneys worth. Last year when I first went to one I got several items that still had the retail tags on. I got 14 items this time and the thrift price was a little over $50 so I did damn good and got some brand new stuff. Now I have to go through and put outfits together for photo shoot ideas. Of course that would mean I would have to get on getting sets done which I sadly admit I have been slacking on. What we really need to do is get a hotel room for a day so I have some new to work around. I get so tired of the same shit around the house and well at this time I don’t dare do anything outside as I would be eaten alive, and let me tell bug bites are not sexy. LOL At least in all my years online doing this I have never heard of this fetish. Then again you just never know there are some interesting ones I have heard of. I hope you all have a great rest of the week.


Day trip

Since the 4th of July we kinda came up with the thought that we should try to do random things more often maybe even once a week or every other week. Yesterday was one of those times. We headed up the north shore to visit Gooseberry Falls. I haven’t been up there since well before I was 20 holy shit that’s a long ass time ago! There was some road construction that was really annoying but other then that it was a very nice trip up. Well since it had been so long many things have changed and it is far more of an attraction for people to see. To bad cause that would be one hell of a good place for some naughty photo sets! Then I got spoiled when we got back into Duluth we ate at my favorite place that we don’t seem to eat at much yummy Red Lobster! I swear seafood makes me orgasmic cause I ooo and ahh when I put it in my mouth. lol


4th of July

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I wasn’t home so I didn’t get to send you all happy wishes then. We took a couple days off and heading out of town. We went up north to the Iron Range because there is always things going on there both days unlike here there is nothing fun to do. Just like every other day around this area. LOL The 3rd was very hot but when it came time for the evening parade we got a good spot so we were not directly in the sun, cooled off with a few beers and enjoyed. We headed to a street dance and was hoping to go to the local strip bar we always go to and find out it was closed! Well that was a real bummer! So we took to the streets and had some beer and enjoyed people watching. Always entertaining to see others that are far past the limit on booze. 🙂 Of course I am always on the lookout of cute outfits and shoes and there was plenty of that. The 4th started out hot as well until a rainstorm passed through and cooled things off. We hit another evening parade and did some walking around before we headed back to the inlaws for some more visiting and headed home. Then it was back to work the next day and on to the home routine which has been a little scattered lately as I said before summer time always messes me up! I hope you all are staying that are living in the heat wave zone!