Almost a week now

Well I did mean to blog yesterday when it technically was a week since my little mini vacation but you know scatter brained me I got side tracked and forgot to post. It had been a few years since I had gotten back to North Dakota because every time I tried to plan something would come up that would put a wrench in the plans. This time I seen family and friends that I had not seen for 6 plus years! We actually had ourselves an unofficial class reunion and I was so happy! My best friend back from kindergarten, Razor and myself stayed up and out until 4:30 that Saturday morning. Cant even tell you what time it was when we tried to play pool but it was not a pretty site. lol My friend and I polished off a bottle of Brass Monkey something we used to drink wayyyy back in the day. The town had changed a bit and well honestly the whole state (not that I traveled all over). With the big oil boom that has been going on has made the places totally crazy. It was a long drive but so glad we did it even if it was only a short few days. Next time plan way more in advance and get a whole lot more people to tear up the old town. 🙂 It was nice to get home as it always is but have had a heck of a time getting myself back on track. I know nothing new there. lol

Miss me?

I know naughty girl I have been for neglecting my blogs. I have been in that crazy mode where I don’t know whether I am coming or going or what day it is and and and! lol Funny though how I am not sure how I feel there is just never enough time. The yard as been neglected me getting ahead on photo up dates for the smoking side of the side has been just barely getting done and I need to make videos for clips4sale like a mad woman! We did get out to have some family fun at a county fair and I was so excited to get on some rides! I hadn’t been to a fair in many years and we all enjoyed ourselves! We went in to Duluth after and ate at a buffet which I swear is not a good thing! Been enjoying watching the Olympics although have gotten frustrated a time or two when I have seen the results on the MSN home page before I watched the event! We have a couple more things planned before the summer is over and then we HAVE to get to work on our roof! Razor is on his own there cause I am NOT going up there my fear of heights is to much to handle that. I did get my costume for the Renaissance festival and its so awesome! I do admit I have a bit of a tough time getting it over my fat butt but once its on its perfect! 🙂 Cant wait to show you! Have a great weekend!