Done with the old onto all new

Hey there! Well first off I am finally feeling better! It hung around almost 2 weeks and even now I still have a tad of a tickle in my throat from time to time but for sure back to 100%. Now it is stress time a bit….As some of you know I was on a network site years ago and when I left I had so many photos from over those 5 years I didn’t want to just junk them so we put them to use on the sites. Now mind you my smoking site has had newer content for awhile but the non smoking side was still some of the older ones. Well now they have finally come to an end! Now I recently have went through some of my clothes and gotten things ready after writing down some ideas as it is nice to at least have that much going then its a matter of where to take them. I wanted to look into getting a hotel as I get so tired of trying to find a place in the house as its always the same. Then of course it has been a tad on the chilly side so haven’t been able to get out and get any outdoor shoots down. It is suppose to be nice tomorrow so I will hopefully get the time to get several done. I really need a clone wow could I get shit accomplished because I will tell you there is never enough time in the day! Wish me luck! 🙂

Happy October!

Well fall has sorta already been in the air as it certainly chilled quick but at the same time we have still had a few nice days as well. As I mentioned I wasn’t feeling so good last week well it really hit me and I even drug my ass to the doctor which I don’t normally do. My tonsils were on fire and well since they are normally big being sick made them unbearable. So I had strep throat and it knocked me on my ass pretty hard. Here it is Monday and I am feeling better but not 100% yet as I still have that congestion. I am sick and tired of being sick! I didn’t get much accomplished on those days as I spent most of my time resting but now I got to hurry and get my decorating down as I love this time of year for getting things all spooky and fun looking. 🙂 Plus of course I got to get all my costumes lined up for ideas on what I would like to wear usually the last week of the month everyday on cam. I hope you all have a great week and I will keep you posted on my costume plans and my decorating. 🙂