Almost there

Well the tree is up and tinseled and almost all the ornaments are on. Got a few more things to spiff up around the house and of course do the headboard as got to make my “work” area look somewhat festive. So then Monday was well what Mondays are always said to be….bad luck. Of course I don’t normally have that issue. Anyway we have talked about getting a new TV and with Christmas coming we thought that would be a good time. Then the last few weeks when I go to turn it on in the morning it had been making funny noises, I thought it would at least last through Christmas. That is when the Monday blues came when I went to turn it on and it was dead! Now we cant live without a TV downstairs come on! We headed to walmart last night to get one and well there was a sale priced one that was out of stock so we went ahead and took the display one. 🙂 We did get 20% off and so it was a hell of a deal. Now comes the hard part and that is putting it on the wall. I swear that is not a good idea but that is what the flat screens are all about. Razor will have himself some fun trying to find the studs to place the damn thing. After having a projection TV for so long taking up so much room I have to say I am going to love having more space. I will keep you posted on how it all goes! Have a great rest of the week.

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with all the F’s…family, friends, food and football! 🙂 I got up late so we didn’t get to eating until later which was ok cause that gave me time to get other things done while I had the energy because ya know what a big Turkey dinner does to you. Since we didn’t go anywhere or have any one over I took that free time to get a few things around the house cleaned up. The night before I went through one of the Xmas boxes with some decorations so I knew what I had and what I needed to get. To my surprise I now have to get a lot more. We had some water in the basement and the tote the stuff was in had a crack at the bottom so almost half the stuff had to go in the garbage because I couldn’t get it cleaned. Some keepsake ornaments were damaged so that was sad but all the rest is replaceable. So now on to getting more stuff so I can get the house decorated up nice. Oh and to make things feel even more like the holidays we got snow yesterday! I know once again it wont stick around as the weather channel says the temps will be up again. I just don’t want another brown Christmas…give me snow!!


I meant to post today and well I guess I got side tracked. (Big Surprise) Then again the day isn’t over. I have seemed to repeat last week a little. I didn’t get back on to work last night and I still fell back to sleep this morning just like last week. I was trying to be good as I wanted to get a head a bit since I will not be getting online Thursday. I thought maybe that night but we will have to see what happens after I stuff myself with a big yummy Turkey dinner! Plus I think I have decided to finish up getting what decoration I have out and somewhat up so I know what I need to get and that is one thing out of the way to find time for later. If that made any sense,lol. I think I got to much sleep as my mind cant seem to make any sense.

Happy Weekend!

Hey everyone! I hope the weekend is treating you all well so far. So far so good around here. No plans for the weekend since we went and did a few things yesterday to be all ready for the big pig out day fast approaching. lol The last thing to get is wine and well if I would have got that it would have all been drank so decided to wait on that one, although I could use a good drunk fest, well maybe not totally bombed but at least that feel good feeling going on. 🙂 No game tomorrow so just hang out on cam for the afternoon and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into.

Getting there

Here we are almost the weekend! Another fast flying week. So I did good today after falling behind the past 2 days on getting my ass up and going. I didn’t get anything important accomplished right away this morning but I did get on to work at a decent time, after of course figuring out what to wear. Was a tough time today went through many things before I got it. Been digging in the back of the rack and finding things I hadn’t wore for a long time. There is much I need to clean out and get rid of but I think I am a clothes hoarder. lol Ok I don’t think I am that bad just seems close to that sometimes. 🙂

Happy hump day

Hey all! I hope your week has been going well so far. I started my week fairly well. Monday I was up early rising and shining and getting some things done before logging in to cam. Then it kinda went down from there and wasn’t feeling so in the groove any more. So then Tuesday and today didn’t get me right as I have fallen back to sleep both days and then of course the usual I get annoyed with myself as I know I have so much to do. The other side of me wants to stay lazy. I want to clean house if you can believe that! lol Also for as much as I have talked about the time going to fast I am getting into the spirit and want to get decorating the house. 🙂

Now I feel it!

Well even though I know it is not going to stay I am loving seeing the snow come down. Now if I were in Utah where they got 15 inches I would already be suited up and tearing up that snow. I know Razor has been asking me if I am ready as he is hoping for lots of snow this year so we can get out more then the few times last year. I told him I can’t feel it until I see the snow and yes we have had a few flurries this fall there was nothing that stuck to the ground around here like today has. Not only getting out on the snowmobile but this kind of weather also gets me more in the mood for the holidays even though I still think they have come way to fast!


Yes I see that it was only a couple posts ago that I was writing Happy October! Not only do I look back to where that month went but what about the whole year?! Now I feel even more in panic mode, didn’t think that could get any more then it was. lol so lets see less then a month until Thanksgiving, less then 2 months until Christmas and 2 months until we start those New Year resolutions that only really last a few weeks. lol

On an brighter note I hope you all had a fun Halloween time. I enjoyed doing my week long dressing up on cam although I am happy to not have to deal with so much extra work on getting ready and taking it off for shows. My feet are bare and free today. Ahh feels nice. So onward we go! Got ideas pouring for photos and vids now to clone myself so I have time to get it all done! Cheers to a great first weekend of the month!