50 Shades

I have to say thanks to the media and all is why I had been wanting to read the Fifty Shades of Grey books. I got them for Xmas and right away I began to read and I couldn’t put it down, by the next day I was half way though. Still was unsure about what all the talk was about and trying so hard to remember some of the comments that were made about it. Sex? I read more detail dirty ones in those wild romance novels where the guy on the cover always has the long flowing mane of hair. lol Was the guy coming off as to controlling in the way is life was? Shit that is not something that is unheard of for both male or female. I finished the 1st last night and found myself sad at what had happened boy I can really fall into a book. This morning I couldn’t wait to start the 2nd as I was dieing to know if it was going to work out. Maybe I need to google some of the chatter about all this and see where people got there panties in a twist about these books. Of course since I just started the 2nd maybe there is more to come… Then again I have a very open mind and find BDSM of an interest so maybe all in all I am just partial. Anyway the way I am so into these books I will have all 3 finished in no time then I can get on to one of my other gifts and give the PS3 some time with me and Fallout New Vegas. I wanted to play that right away as well but the book got my attention first.

Good times!

I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas holiday! I thought to myself last night that we go through all the work to get so ready for it get the house all cleaned and then in about an hour its all over and the house is in shabbles. lol Here it is the day after and I am about ready to log on to work and I sooo dont want to I want to enjoy my stuff! We got Fallout New Vegas and although I haven’t completed all the missions on Fallout 3 I really want to play. I was going to get on it last night but one of my other gifts sucked me and in! I had heard so much about Fifty Shades of Grey that I have been wanting to read it. Razor got me the 3 book series and I started the first one last night wearing my fuzzy new socks and wrapped in the softest blanket! I couldn’t seem to put it down and I am half way through it. I just cant seem to put it down I got to keep pressing on to see what she decides and how it all goes when she submits to Mr. Grey. 🙂 I hope you all got what you wanted and are enjoying your holiday time. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Almost time!

Well it is officially one week until Christmas Eve. Are you ready? We took Saturday off to have a nice get away day down in the cities. We went to the Mall of America. Now of course so close to the holiday it was CRAZY busy! Most of the parking ramps were blocked to enter so we damn near drove around the whole place looking for a place to park. We mainly just window shopped as we have to spend a shitload of money on adobe so I had to refrain from the shoe stores. Damn business expenses! LOL We have to head out one more time before then to get the food and booze and some stocking stuffers. We did start getting things early but yet we still always wonder are we for sure done? I guess we will find out soon enough! So one last big day of spending and then I am done! Good luck to everyone who still has lots to do!

What a difference

Well it has been about a week since we got the new flat screen TV and I am still in awe every time I see the living room and how much space is there since getting out that monster of a projection TV. We have a lot of wood planks on walls which we have always wanted to change but like so many other home remodeling projects its always on the back burner. Well the wall we needed to put it on had them damn planks and couldn’t get a good idea of where the studs were. So Razor tore them all down to the bare studs and since we wont be able to get the drywall going up until spring-summer we have to come up with a creative idea to cover the ugly bare wall. lol Again I just cant believe how great the space is in there now! Once the holidays are over and the tree is gone I will really be able to move to the Wii Dance Party. 🙂 Cant wait to get that new dream couch. I know one thing at a time as the wishlist is LONG. lol Have a great week everyone!