Fallout New Vegas so different

So as you all know I am a huge fan of Fallout. Well this New Vegas one has really got me all riled up lately! The first Fallout was a pretty simple story line. You came from one place and just roamed and had your one quest to follow through and also some side quests for the extended version. So anyway this New Vegas one has a quest and side ones as well but the main quest can go any of 3 ways depending on how you want to play it out. Now I at the point I don’t know which side to take! I know I could just go through and play the whole game 3 times so I can try out each way. lol As if I don’t spend enough time playing. Of course there are always some things that get missed so since it is one of the only games I have really gotten into and enjoyed why not right? Just has made my mind get all scrabbled not knowing what I should do so I am going to try to do all other quests on the list and save the brain popper for last. That should take me a good bit of time and I wont have to think of the main goal for awhile.

The fever already

Spring fever/Cabin fever has begun, or maybe its been happening for a bit which could explain many things. It always goes in 2 directions either I am just itching to get away from the house for more then the routine errands or it is I want to clean like a mad woman. I think when neither really falls into place that is where the funky mood comes into factor which means neither of these things happen along with all the other things that need to get done. We had wanted to go to see a concert on Valentines day but that plan fell through and that could have been just the jump I needed! We did finally get the snowmobiles out of the garage Friday and did some riding around our place and a little of the trail to go into town to fuel them up. We don’t have the stickers on the side so I don’t want to chance going to much on the trails since they can stop you for that and I was naughty and didn’t take the course I was suppose to and the last thing I want is a ticket! I did feel damn good after that gave me a boost of energy for sure! Well at least until my body started to feel the burn but that is what I get for not keeping up on any work out and lifting of my weights to get my arms ready for it. So been a little on the tender stiff side the past couple of days. I guess I should have just went out the next day and kept up the workout. 🙂


I really need to get something out there and off my mind. Do guys really like to see a girl throw up or is it just something to see just how far they will go? Gagging, spitting and drooling just isn’t enough. I get asked why I wont a lot and well there really is only one thing to say to that one is…Go make yourself and come back to me and tell me how you like it. Or the other is well go make yourself something to eat quick so we can get something and then I will do a minute show. Yeah how about I waste my time and food for you to hurt myself I am not that desperate for a few bucks! I swear if you are not throwing up, hurting yourself or shoving a oversized bat in your ass there is no reason to be on a cam site anymore. LOL I am an open minded person but well you know for me there has to be lines drawn. Ok now that I freaked ya all out I sure hope you all have a great week! 🙂

Can I?

Here Monday is again! Can I possible make this a good week? Its not like I plan to fail it just kinda happens that way and last week I did just that!! I haven’t been able to find my groove this new year and its starting to make me damn mad! lol Lets see one of my lights went out last night that I use for cam so I hope that doesn’t have to much of an affect of things. Then last week I had issues with my phone. I have works calls go through my cell to the home phone as its easier to hold the home phone then my cell as it tends to like to slip. Anyway come close to the end of the week I notice I had names on my NiteFlirt costumer list but there were no messages so the only other thing it could be was missed calls. Well there is something wrong with my SD card and that was affecting me getting calls through. Now it only affecting 1 call on Streamate and Razor and I even tested it between phones so it is just being stupid! Makes me mad as I haven’t had it all that long and for as much as I paid for the damn thing and only use it for work mostly and well a game here and there. 🙂 I know how things go though nothing ever lasts anymore. Lets see other then being lazy and that made me behind on my tasks in so many ways its not even funny there hasn’t been much going on. COLD temps that I am getting tired of and still not much snow to get out for a good snowmobile ride. 🙁