Survival of Time Change

I hope you all made it through the loss of that hour! I always say time change doesn’t affect me but it so does! First I totally slept way late yesterday and then by the time I got started getting some things accomplished it was far to late for work or so it felt anyway. Plus honestly I wasn’t feeling the best and so I tried to get that all under control. lol Then of course after being a bum all day with just a few odds and ends done around the house I figured by the time I got ready to get on to work it would be to late to start so I said heck with it and didn’t even bother. I hope that doesn’t come to bite me in the ass for missing time from work but on the other hand I am hoping that get a full day off might be what I need to keep myself going strong the rest of the week. Well at least one can hope for that! I always try to think of the positive in things or most days I do but I tend to fall short with that from time to time. Hey we are all human and that just comes with our human nature. Give me a break! lol 🙂 Have a great week everyone!