COLD Weekend Race

We have decided to check out a new series in the racing hobby that we have been into for almost a year now. This one has 7 races in the series and it is a combo of electric and nitros. This one does seem to cater more to those that run anything short course.

I knew it was going to be chilly but god damn it it was down right COLD! It was inside a covered track but it was not heated and Saturday was windy and cold and just hope to get into some sunshine whenever we stepped outside. Did I pack properly for this? Hell NO! Yes I brought sweatshirts but I didn’t even have my coat, come on its the end of April I shouldn’t need to wear a parka and have on layers of clothes. For living in this kind of weather my whole life you would think my body was adapted for it but I guess I have a southern warmth blood pumping through me as I shake like a bag of bones!

So off to the nearest town that had a Walmart to see what we could find. At this time of year now I couldn’t find a coat or a pair of gloves! I had to settle for a thicker zip up sweatshirt and leggings to wear under my pants.

Then Sunday came as it was a 2 day event. Rain and colder then it was Saturday, a few more degrees and it could have turned to snow and that is just not right! So I had on 2 pairs of socks but they were kinda thin so even doubled they didn’t keep my feet warm. I had my leggings on and pants over that. On top I had a t-shirt, sweatshirts my sweater coat and the new thicker sweatshirt I bought. Layers layers layers and still BRRRR!

This week we get into May and the weather doesn’t show us breaking 50s! That better just change and change quick! Been raining here all day and it has hit 38 degrees but the wind is so nuts it just feels so much colder!

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