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Winners of 2014 Apr-May Sponsor Series

Well I am proud to announce the final results for my first ever Sponsor Series that ran the first two months of the spring. Thank you to everyone who contributed and it has helped me greatly. I will post more videos this week to show my appreciation. And now its time to post the winners of the videos and the 1st place Sponsor gets to hang with me (and Razor pshh). I might even make it a normal race day if his schedule allows and will try to do with all winners as it better showcases what I do. News to come.

1 KalZ__ 386
2 JonK__ 250
3 MarkM__ 95
4 ChrisG__ 60
5 (tie) SteveM__ 50
5 (tie) DougH__ 50

Tower Hobbies Super Saver Club Coupons May 2014

For $10/year we get free shipping and great discount coupons. You too can do the same in your support of Team MinnesotaChick. This explains it all.

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COLD Weekend Race

We have decided to check out a new series in the racing hobby that we have been into for almost a year now. This one has 7 races in the series and it is a combo of electric and nitros. This one does seem to cater more to those that run anything short course.

I knew it was going to be chilly but god damn it it was down right COLD! It was inside a covered track but it was not heated and Saturday was windy and cold and just hope to get into some sunshine whenever we stepped outside. Did I pack properly for this? Hell NO! Yes I brought sweatshirts but I didn’t even have my coat, come on its the end of April I shouldn’t need to wear a parka and have on layers of clothes. For living in this kind of weather my whole life you would think my body was adapted for it but I guess I have a southern warmth blood pumping through me as I shake like a bag of bones!

So off to the nearest town that had a Walmart to see what we could find. At this time of year now I couldn’t find a coat or a pair of gloves! I had to settle for a thicker zip up sweatshirt and leggings to wear under my pants.

Then Sunday came as it was a 2 day event. Rain and colder then it was Saturday, a few more degrees and it could have turned to snow and that is just not right! So I had on 2 pairs of socks but they were kinda thin so even doubled they didn’t keep my feet warm. I had my leggings on and pants over that. On top I had a t-shirt, sweatshirts my sweater coat and the new thicker sweatshirt I bought. Layers layers layers and still BRRRR!

This week we get into May and the weather doesn’t show us breaking 50s! That better just change and change quick! Been raining here all day and it has hit 38 degrees but the wind is so nuts it just feels so much colder!

Tower Hobbies April Regular Coupon Codes

For my Team MinnesotaChick supporters, new codes are usable by anyone and goes a long way to adding up points for this Spring Series. The race is on to come and hang with me this Summer so don’t wait too long. Remember, if you spend exactly $150 and use the code to save $15, I award the full 150 points. Click the image below to be taken to my wishlist. Thank You. XOXO Alhana


Survival of Time Change

I hope you all made it through the loss of that hour! I always say time change doesn’t affect me but it so does! First I totally slept way late yesterday and then by the time I got started getting some things accomplished it was far to late for work or so it felt anyway. Plus honestly I wasn’t feeling the best and so I tried to get that all under control. lol Then of course after being a bum all day with just a few odds and ends done around the house I figured by the time I got ready to get on to work it would be to late to start so I said heck with it and didn’t even bother. I hope that doesn’t come to bite me in the ass for missing time from work but on the other hand I am hoping that get a full day off might be what I need to keep myself going strong the rest of the week. Well at least one can hope for that! I always try to think of the positive in things or most days I do but I tend to fall short with that from time to time. Hey we are all human and that just comes with our human nature. Give me a break! lol 🙂 Have a great week everyone!

Fallout New Vegas so different

So as you all know I am a huge fan of Fallout. Well this New Vegas one has really got me all riled up lately! The first Fallout was a pretty simple story line. You came from one place and just roamed and had your one quest to follow through and also some side quests for the extended version. So anyway this New Vegas one has a quest and side ones as well but the main quest can go any of 3 ways depending on how you want to play it out. Now I at the point I don’t know which side to take! I know I could just go through and play the whole game 3 times so I can try out each way. lol As if I don’t spend enough time playing. Of course there are always some things that get missed so since it is one of the only games I have really gotten into and enjoyed why not right? Just has made my mind get all scrabbled not knowing what I should do so I am going to try to do all other quests on the list and save the brain popper for last. That should take me a good bit of time and I wont have to think of the main goal for awhile.

The fever already

Spring fever/Cabin fever has begun, or maybe its been happening for a bit which could explain many things. It always goes in 2 directions either I am just itching to get away from the house for more then the routine errands or it is I want to clean like a mad woman. I think when neither really falls into place that is where the funky mood comes into factor which means neither of these things happen along with all the other things that need to get done. We had wanted to go to see a concert on Valentines day but that plan fell through and that could have been just the jump I needed! We did finally get the snowmobiles out of the garage Friday and did some riding around our place and a little of the trail to go into town to fuel them up. We don’t have the stickers on the side so I don’t want to chance going to much on the trails since they can stop you for that and I was naughty and didn’t take the course I was suppose to and the last thing I want is a ticket! I did feel damn good after that gave me a boost of energy for sure! Well at least until my body started to feel the burn but that is what I get for not keeping up on any work out and lifting of my weights to get my arms ready for it. So been a little on the tender stiff side the past couple of days. I guess I should have just went out the next day and kept up the workout. 🙂