Boo to not feeling good!

Well dang it! I wanted to start my week off better then it did but such is life as we know it. Believe it or not I actually love to work on Mondays but had been feeling a tickle in my throat over the weekend and well come Monday my throat was on fire! I figured it was best to not cam as doing any deep throating would have hurt me far to much. I did get a few photo sets taken so it wasn’t a total loss of a day. I kept telling Razor I hope to pass it to him as usually when that happens I start to feel better. And his work doesn’t require him to talk all day or use his throat. I know how rude of me to wish others sick. Well this morning I got the fist shake as his throat wasn’t feeling so good. Well now I do feel bad as I really didn’t mean to get him sick I hope he feels better. I thought for sure this morning I was in for another sick day but after some hot coffee I felt a bit better it seems to be more on one side. Glad its not so bad or I would have drug my ass to the doc. I do have energy now so I am working as you never know when the energy level will get drained. lol Never want to run yourself down any more then you already are when you are feeling under the weather. I hope you all have a great week!