Can I?

Here Monday is again! Can I possible make this a good week? Its not like I plan to fail it just kinda happens that way and last week I did just that!! I haven’t been able to find my groove this new year and its starting to make me damn mad! lol Lets see one of my lights went out last night that I use for cam so I hope that doesn’t have to much of an affect of things. Then last week I had issues with my phone. I have works calls go through my cell to the home phone as its easier to hold the home phone then my cell as it tends to like to slip. Anyway come close to the end of the week I notice I had names on my NiteFlirt costumer list but there were no messages so the only other thing it could be was missed calls. Well there is something wrong with my SD card and that was affecting me getting calls through. Now it only affecting 1 call on Streamate and Razor and I even tested it between phones so it is just being stupid! Makes me mad as I haven’t had it all that long and for as much as I paid for the damn thing and only use it for work mostly and well a game here and there. 🙂 I know how things go though nothing ever lasts anymore. Lets see other then being lazy and that made me behind on my tasks in so many ways its not even funny there hasn’t been much going on. COLD temps that I am getting tired of and still not much snow to get out for a good snowmobile ride. 🙁