Damn COLD Brrr

Well well it looks like we are getting that good ol bitter cold but as I mentioned the last time where is the snow? I always get nervous when it gets this cold and there is no snow coverage on the ground as it is known to make pipes freeze up and that is the last thing I would need to have to deal with. I know the one night it was -27 with the windchill factor and that is just damn fucking COLD! Now I have felt a little cooped up as well not a damn thing to do when its this cold. Not that even if there was a shitload of snow I wouldn’t be out in this kind of weather but at least when it would be decent temps I could be out. I do love my outdoors. Well January is almost over so only a few more months and maybe just maybe we will get hit with a big snow storm or 2. One thing about these temps is they don’t last long and only maybe happen a couple of times throughout the winter season. So I hope you all stay warm. Have a great week!