Fallout New Vegas so different

So as you all know I am a huge fan of Fallout. Well this New Vegas one has really got me all riled up lately! The first Fallout was a pretty simple story line. You came from one place and just roamed and had your one quest to follow through and also some side quests for the extended version. So anyway this New Vegas one has a quest and side ones as well but the main quest can go any of 3 ways depending on how you want to play it out. Now I at the point I don’t know which side to take! I know I could just go through and play the whole game 3 times so I can try out each way. lol As if I don’t spend enough time playing. Of course there are always some things that get missed so since it is one of the only games I have really gotten into and enjoyed why not right? Just has made my mind get all scrabbled not knowing what I should do so I am going to try to do all other quests on the list and save the brain popper for last. That should take me a good bit of time and I wont have to think of the main goal for awhile.