Produce section

I have a request for a show that involves cucumbers which I have to admit always feels nice with a cool cucumber slideing in my warm pussy. Now the greatest part is buying them, ya know you always see people squeezeing and feeling around on melons well if they only knew what I was searching for when I was looking at produce. I always seem to have this smirk on my face like yeah you may be making a salad but I am going to be getting my veggies juicy in a much more exciting way. Now you all have to think if that next time you see a women feeling up cucumbers at the grocery store. :)

Hairy in the wrong parts…

Well got to share this one, now I hear soooo many wild things from day to day on cam but this was a new one. First asked if I have a hairy pussy thats fine many do and there is little tags on most cam sites that allow you to search for these certain things, then he goes on to ask if I have hair on my tits and I am talking he wanted major hair. He then asked me if I would cut the hair from my head and glue it on my pussy and tits cause I guess they make glue for that, then suggested I get hair implants like 6 inch long hairs on each of my nipples. It was on the tip of my tongue to tell him that I am sure there is a zoo close to him and they would have an ape for him. LOL That was pretty entertaining to listen to him go on and on.

Ruined a toy

Well I am very good for breaking my toys but this time it was something totally different. I recently got 2 pairs of crotchless panties as a free gift from Adam and Eve, I of course didnt rinse them first, I was getting to that when someone asked if I had a pair so I figured it would hurt to wear them so I fucked myself through the panties so going at myself crazy and pull out the toy to suck it and it turned black on some areas of the toy was like what is wrong with my pussy! LMAO Well with lube, my wetness and hard fucking the toy rubbed off the dye who would have thought! So I ordered a new one this time it didnt tell me the thickness so I hope its not to thick but looks nice good for cock sucking mmmmm my favorite. :) I will keep you all posted!

Pool Time

In the past we have left the pool up through the winter but this past fall we decided to take it apart as we had hoped on getting it set up in a new place again. Of course with the crazy wind we had early on the past month I think it was good we did take it down. Now it is getting pretty warm and I can just imagine how good it would feel to hop in the pool and cool off so the plan is for this week to start getting that going so we can get them to come out and fill it up. Actually last year we had it already filled by now. We only recently started getting warmer weather but it for sure needs time to warm up the water. So heres to swimming bare naked. :)

Tweet Tweet

Hey everyone! I know long time no blog. We have been adding some new categories and now switching the blogs around so it will hopefully be a lot easier for all of you to keep posted on everything going on. I have also finally got going on twitter and have a long way to go to get followers get following and get more tweets, now that I got it set up on my work laptop it will be easier to get on there and do them. I know will all these social things it sure is hard to get on everyone so I am thinking twitter will be the best for me and well its nice for quick to the point kind of thoughts. So I hope you all enjoy the new look of this and dont forget to follow me on twitter under AlhanaRotten

Finally Cut

Well gas prices were so crazy we decided we would hold off on getting the lawn mowed, not a good idea with the rain we were getting. We finally got it all done yesterday and now we can bale it. LOL And of course my favorite bugs bugs bugs….NOT where can I go without those vampire bugs taking my blood?! My good ol push mower fired up on the first pull too, must have missed me. My legs and arms were tingling all night long. I love the great outdoors now I just hope the weather starts to get warmer so I can tan my hide even though I will complain about the heat. Go from to cold to to hot and buggy damn woman get over it!

Talking in my Sleep

I am not one for talking in my sleep, snore here and there yes, my mind must have been loopy or something. Razor heard something and thought he was going to hear some juicy shit but well he was way wrong. Now I couldnt tell you where the hell this came from as I dont even remember what I dreamt about but all I said was Just stack them stack the frogs! WTF? Maybe I was playing leap frog in my sleep lol. I have no idea but no matter what the case it sure has given me a laugh today and well always a pleasure to pass on a laugh. Anyone for a game of frogger damn now I miss that game as corny as it is now. Well guys keep on stacking!

Hammer Me

This movie review is a little later but well you all know me by now and never really on a schedule or do anything in a timely fashion. Last weekend we see Thor, this was my first time seeing a 3 D movie since I was like umm 7 maybe LOL and of course things have changed.  Kinda cute to watch me try to catch the stars though. :) I had seen the preview several times but seeing Thor in the whole movie I was getting hot, maybe it was seeing him without his shirt on. I said he can pound me with his hammer any time!!!! Never thought I would get so horned up since I first saw Megan Fox in Transformers, lol I really am a perv and well I have to say I love it and well I dont think you all will mind much either. :)

Movie Review

It has been a very long time since I have actually went out to a movie in fact I dont think I went to see a single one last year! I guess maybe I was saving up for this year as there are so many great movies coming out, damn near have to take out a second mortgage for all the movies, lmao! So over the weekend we went to Fast Five, Loved it! I have enjoyed all the Fast and Furious movies as I love cars and well Paul Walker and Vin Diesel help too. ;) Now if you went and didnt stay for the after snip at the end of the credits shame on you I have learned my lesson there but wow I was in such shock I wanted to see the next one right then and there! This week is Thor not sure we will go opening weekend again or wait but I will let you know. Of course I give thumbs up to just about every movie lol.