As it applies to images posted here that is owned by us:

Images that bear the logos and copyrights: www.RottenStar.com www.SexyAlhana.com and www.SmokingAlhana.com are owned by us and placed to direct Adult Audiences to our sites off this blog. All images [still and/or moving] with those branding logos were shot using adults who were 18 years of age or older at the time of production. All models have completed the required Federal requirements of providing their ages and have signed model releases giving RottenStar.com full rights to all content inside. We do not tolerate Child Pornography and will notify authorities should we see sites promoting the use of under age actors. This site is not responsible for any material or content that may be browsed by clicking links to sites outside of our control.

Images without logos or branding do not fall into requiring age verification nor do we have to provide 2257 documentation proving the person in any such image is legally of age as we would not be considered the primary producer of that image and/or the images are not sexually explicit as defined by law. If there is questionable doubt as to the models age and legality to being on an Adult site, we will not post it and will remove any image if it is brought to our attention that the image is not suitable to be on an Adult website.

Topless or simple nudity does NOT fall under the terms “sexually explicit” and thus any images that portrays topless or nude women in a non-sexually explicit pose does not require us to keep a 2257.

Images not owned by us:

Links, images, and any content placed on this blog for the purpose of marketing or of interest is not our responsibility in terms of Federal Record Keeping requirements.

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