Sites Rated

After so many years of having our own sites we were finally contacted about them being rated. Rabbit Reviews did all 3 as individual sites and consider the other 2 as bonus sites when reviewing one. It was cool cause then it gave us a better idea of what to improve on for each section we were doing. I was pleased with the ratings as it was higher then some of the top porn companies that have sites and top star porn models. 🙂 A couple of things that were docked was that we didn’t have zip files as we never thought there was a real need for them and also he said the navigation was a bit odd. Razor of course understands most of that stuff more then me but have to give credit to him being he just learned it all on his own without any kind of web design. Now of course he is making changes to take those cons from the review and turn them into the pro column. So all in all we are happy could have been better and could have been worse but when you get higher then the “pros” it just makes ya feel damn good about it all! We hope that maybe by May all the changes will be done and a new and improved site will emerge.