I don’t know what has been happening with this winter weather for the past several years but its sure not how it used to be. Oh the good ol days when there were some Halloweens we had to get our costumes extra big to fit over our winter coats and snow pants wearing big snow boats. Then it would be on to Thanksgiving when my relatives would come visit and usually brought the snowmobiles. See this was all before winter even began. Now we can get the cold temps but getting snow is well not so easy! I said if I were to sell my snowmobile tomorrow it would snow like a mofo! I know its only January but come on I want to RIDE damn it! Last year there was serious lack of and well have only sat on it in the garage this year. Have not even pulled it over to feel the vibration between my legs. Guess I will keep trying to get out naked and pray to the snow Gods! 🙂