1. Each dollar donated, spent on videos, gift value, etc, will be counted as one point. Each transaction will be rounded up. Examples: Clip Sale of $5.02 = 6 points. A parts gift valued at $12.49 = 13 points.


2. NEW RULE – Points on Clip Sales, Donations, Tributes, etc will now be awarded at the dollar amount spent. A $25 tribute is now worth 25 points. A sale of an $11.99 clip will equate to 12 points.


3. Points on Gifts and Parts Support through wishlist or other purchases are credited as full value points of the item purchased. Furthermore, if a coupon or discount is used on the Sponsors part, you still get the full value of the item in points. Example: Parts in value of $100 are bought and sent to my address. The purchaser used a discount count and only paid $60, they would receive 100 points regardless. Shipping costs are not formulated as most everywhere I have lists are free shipping. I don’t need parts next day.


4. Points are counted and posted on a weekly bases. Any sales, donations, or physical deliveries between Mon 12:00am-Sun 11:59pm count for that weeks points. Points are not awarded to wishlist gifts that have been purchased but not yet delivered into my hands. Be assured points will be awarded once delivered for the week it was received.


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