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Welcome to my Alhana Sponsorship page for fans, members, and friends. As you may have known, I have dove into the fascinating world of racing Radio Controlled cars and trucks. What you may not know is that many people I race with actually are sponsored drivers and my skills suck at the moment but I think I have the best people that would back me to race more often. All while still providing the usual work I do everyday.

While I am coming up with ideas I decided to post this page for anyone wishing to support my hobby. I will come up with contests and awards to those who do support me, so don’t think your contributions are going to go un-noticed. Until I add more to this page, please look at my current wishlists and thank you.

Mailing Address for Support and Gifts:

PO Box 312
Sanstone, MN 55072



Clips4Sale Team MinnesotaChick Tribute and Donations

NiteFlirt Team MinnesotaChick Sponsor Donations

At the moment I do not have any special videos or content on NiteFlirt pertaining to my Team MinnesotaChick Sponsor Support. But I have created special buttons there specifically for donations that allow you to help me get to the winners circle. And as always, thank you very much for everything.

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