I really need to get something out there and off my mind. Do guys really like to see a girl throw up or is it just something to see just how far they will go? Gagging, spitting and drooling just isn’t enough. I get asked why I wont a lot and well there really is only one thing to say to that one is…Go make yourself and come back to me and tell me how you like it. Or the other is well go make yourself something to eat quick so we can get something and then I will do a minute show. Yeah how about I waste my time and food for you to hurt myself I am not that desperate for a few bucks! I swear if you are not throwing up, hurting yourself or shoving a oversized bat in your ass there is no reason to be on a cam site anymore. LOL I am an open minded person but well you know for me there has to be lines drawn. Ok now that I freaked ya all out I sure hope you all have a great week! 🙂